Eggdrop Scripts

Bot Ping TCL Script
This script adds a dcc command '.bping [bot]' which pings bots on the botnet via the botnet. This is an updated version of the TCL that has been passed around (I don't know who the original author is). It's been updated to remove a TCL security hole
Automatically decodes and displays the decoded text contained within a $decode(...,m) (mIRC Script) statement. This will help ensure the safety of the channel from users spreading $decode() trojans.
LongEgg TCL Script
This script allows a bot with a long handle length link with a bot with a shorter length handle.
This is a seen script for MySQL.mod. It's based on NetSeen, a botnet MySQL.mod script that I developed over a year ago but never released.
This is a utility for script developers. It allows you to create more queues so that you aren't limited by just three queues.