The Dragon

BarkerJr by ManedCorgie

One of BarkerJr's hobbies is the Furry subculture. With his participation in the community, he has a character, or fursona, which is a purple dragon.

At a Glance

He is a mid-size feral western dragon, 7m (23ft) from nose to tip of tail (4m of it is tail). His colours are deep royal purple around prominent features to grey flanks and deep royal blue eyes. He has mostly-smooth skin, huge wings, horns, ear-holes (no ears), and healing saliva. He spits globs of fire and dabbles in magic.

Furry Code
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Dragon Code
DC2.Dw Gm L7m1l1n4t W T Pfhltvw Skl,wk Cpu,elb Bfl A Nr $ F~+ R+ Ac+++ J+++ S++ I-- V+++ Q Tc++ E++

The Dragon

Details on the dragon himself.

Back Story

An orphan, never knew his parents. Earliest memories are of his adoptive family of foxes.

BarkerJr by KaomiLiona


Feral Western Dragon


Male. 7m (23ft) from nose to tail with approximate proportions of 1m (3ft) neck and head, 2m (7ft) body, and 4m (13ft) prehensile tail. He has two slightly-spiral horns (similar to an impala) that are each about 0.5m (1.5ft) long. His wingspan is much wider than his length is long. He is about 1m (3ft) tall to his shoulders, with a slightly higher back. He also has a long, forked prehensile tongue. He has a flexible spine which allows his tongue to reach anywhere on his body, like a canine or feline, if he bends the right way. His skin has a smooth, almost leathery feel to it.

Rather than ears, he has ear-holes. This reduces drag while flying and swimming and allows him to close them while underwater to prevent earaches. This is also useful to shut out distractions while deep in thought or sleeping.


He has talons that are dull to varying degrees from the constant wear against surfaces being walked on.

He has eyes similar to a cat, which allows him to see in near-perfect darkness. His dark purple colour around his eyes allow him to look almost directly into the sun without damaging them, as well.

Keep On Bus'n by NightlineZ


He has a playful demeanor and is often seen with a smile or grin on his face. He can stand on his hind legs for short periods of time, assisted by his tail for balance, but stays on all four most of the time.

His saliva has healing properties so that he can heal wounds on friends. The saliva works to a much lesser extent on himself. He is also able to spit globs of liquid that bursts into flames where they land.

With his excellent attention to detail, he is tuned in to the threads that hold reality together in the world. Using the knowledge of the world, he is able to reach out and pluck or twist nearby threads to alter reality in fantastical ways.


BarkerJr attends several conventions, furry or otherwise, each year.

Love by ManedCorgie
Alamo City Furry InvasionXXX
Texas Furry FiestaXXX
Painted Desert Fur ConX
Midwest FurFestXXXXXXXX
Camp Tiny PawsXX
Biggest Little Fur ConXXX
Further ConfusionXXXXXX
Arizona Fur ConXX
Anthro New EnglandX
Fur the MoreXX
Furry Weekend AtlantaXX
Rocky Mountain Fur ConX


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